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Good morning guys,


Just wanted to drop by again and remind you that you havent got long to sign up to RioPoker, before it’s officially re-opened. By signing up before it opens, RioPoker are offering all new and old players that add their email address, free poker money. The site is 8 days away from the big day and 74% complete, so not long to go. If you want to know a lot more about whats happening, feel free to read my previous post.



This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for some no risk poker money to play with, what with the current situation of Black Friday last year, I think you’d be mad to miss out. Anyway, once i have some more developments, I will post here. So be sure to check back or more importantly, check out RioPoker on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates etc. Just click on the magic links to be redirected.


Thanks for your time and happy hunting on those felts!





Good afternoon readers,


It’s been a while since i last wrote. A lot of things happening in life at present and sadly not a lot happening in the World of Online Poker. But… with that in mind, I do have a little piece of good news to share with you this afternoon. It’s none other than the news that RioPoker is about to re-open it’s doors to online poker players again.


Many of you that have followed me for the last couple of years, whether via this blog, or via my other blog on Blogger will probably know that I used to work for RioPoker before it closed. RioPoker was a great site that prouded itself upon great bonuses, excellent customer care and without doubt some of the best events out there. They had a very large community full of great players and some of the organised events for the regulars were a great success and helped raise their bankrolls. Thankfully, we have all this to look forward to. It’s not sure what Network they will be running on, but if i had my say, I’d recommend them going back on merge. The interaction with the smilies was awesome and great fun and I’m sure most are familliar with these. As far as I’m aware, also depending on the network, this MAYBE a U.S. friendly site.


If by chance I have interested you in looking up RioPoker when they finally open their doors, then please dont hesitate to drop on by their new webite here and sign up via your email [Notify by Email]. By doing so, will earn you some free money when the poker site is finally up and running But do so immediately as this offer is only open for a limited time. Who doesnt like a bit of free money?!….lol. Well c’mon, who out there since Black Friday hit, doesnt like the sound of free Poker money? especially Also, when there’s no risk!

Please also be aware that the site is still in work, but has a clock and progress metre to show the work in progress and estimated time of completion.


Here’s a copy of the blog post by one of the members of staff,


Yes it’s True – Rio Poker is Back

a week ago at 3:02 am

Yup, It’s true Gang. RioHost Don here and I am very pleased to announce that The Rio Poker Palace is returning and will be up and running in the next 30 days. And anyone that goes to our website and enters their email address prior to our re-opening will recieve free money to play on the new site.

Just go to Rio Poker Palace (our Home Page is under construction still) scroll to the bottom and enter your email address that you will be using for your Rio account and press the arrow sign.

Doug, Ken and I hope to see you all back there real soon for some good times, a few laughs and oh ya, some great poker as well. See you all at The Rio.

RioHost Don


To see this blog entry from RioHost Don in it’s entirety, then please follow the link here. You will also see the feedback they have got from this blog as many of the members at Pokerspace held RioPoker as it’s second home, oh and more importantly, the staff that help run RioPoker are members of Pokerspace too. So there’s a very good family feel to RioPoker.



Thank you for reading my blog today and I hope that you take interest in this offer. I look forward to seeing you all when they finally open their doors. Good luck, and happy hunting out there.




It has recently come to public knowledge that sensitive player information has been leaked from Ultimate Bet (UB) and Absolute Poker (AP). The information is believed to have player balances, adresses, names, etc. It’s too early to understand how much has been released and what effects this could have on players from the above sites, as it’s early days yet. Early reports suggest no passwords, credit cards or bank account information have been released but i would suggest to all that read this article to be very vigilant regarding their bank accounts and anything that may seem strange to report it as soon as possible.


To read this full article in full, please read my copy and paste below from David Michael Barnwell from


A large amount of personal data about UB Poker players was leaked this weekend and posted publicly online. The leaked data contained information about names, e-mail addresses, account balances and more from roughly 3.5 million UB accounts.

Large amounts of personal data from UB Poker player accounts were leaked on the internet this weekend.
The leaked data included information from some 3.5 million accounts, and does not include information from accounts from UB Poker’s sister site, Absolute poker. The data set contained names, screen names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, account balances, IP addresses, deposit methods, birth date, account number, VIP status, affiliate statuses, and blacklist statuses of what appears to be all account holders on the site.
The data did not contain account passwords, credit card numbers or bank account information.
The link to the available information was posted on TwoPlusTwo, but was removed almost immediately.
However, a few individuals were able to download the data file, and the information was since passed around privately.
Subject: Poker claims to have been able to confirm the accuracy of the leaked information by checking up on the authors’ own information and verifying this as correct.
The data file, which has now been removed from the download site, included information from two million US accounts, 319,000 Canadian accounts, 137,000 UK accounts, and around one million accounts from other countries.
It remains unclear who leaked the information and why.


Thanks again to David from for sharing this information and making us aware of this. For any further updates and stories please check his blog out.


Thanks for reading and good luck out there guys!

Hi guys,


Well it’s been a while since my last post, a lot of things happening at home and where my priorities are.


Sadly this post late tonight is only to bring more bad news to those in wait or simply hanging on for a glimmer of hope in the Poker world, but sadly it has recently been revealed that Blanca Gaming, who own Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker are to seek liquidation and offer all players with funds on their accounts a measly 3-5 cents on the dollar. This has already upset a lot of players around the World and i can only say it was coming. If you see my previous posts, this was always on the cards and luckily for them (Blanca Gaming) it’s looks as if they will get away scott free with a lot of our funds.


Anyway, here is a copy of a post a dear friend posted to me tonight.


Blanca Games, the company that owns the Cereus Poker Network and its brands, Absolute Poker and, have submitted a plan to the US Justice Department that would result in the repayment of players. Part of that plan would include the liquidation of assets.

Players would likely not see all of their funds but rather be paid cents on the dollars as was the case recently with settlements five years after the shutdown of In that case, customers were paid anywhere from 3 cents to 5 cents on the dollar. It is unclear what affected and Absolute Poker players would receive at this time.

The company was forced to exit the US market after an April 15 indictment had been handed down against two of the popular online poker company executives. One of the individuals was charged with money laundering and bank fraud while another was charged only with violation of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. Funds were seized in conjunction with the indictment.

Blanca, which also operates an online bingo website that remains in good standing, has to file a claim for assets seized by the DOJ no later than October 31.

– Chris Costigan, Publisher


Again, sorry this visit tonight wasnt with good news, but keep up hope guys, I’m sure in the near future, things will pick up and we can all start to enjoy playing poker online again and hopefully regulated to keep us all safe from awful companies like Blanca Gaming.


Until next time, thank you for reading and good luck wherever your playing!



I’m sure most of you reading this post will be aware that finally proceedings have started against Full Tilt Poker regarding their recent activity including unpaid license fees and more importantly the unpaid payments of an estimated $150 million to their players, which was agreed to be paid to players ever since the agreement with the DoJ on “Black Friday” but failed to materialise.


Millions of poker players around the World quietly zone in on the prospect of Full Tilt Poker going out of business, but not before another twist halts the proceedings. It’s been rumored that officials defending Full Tilt Poker have demanded that the case be dealt with privately. eGaming Review Magazine, Michael Heslop, lead lawyer for the company, told the packed room in the Park Plaza Victoria Hotel:


“It is not in the interest of justice that this should be aired in public. There is a real risk that it may be detrimental to these interests and highly prejudicial to this decision.”


Even with these proceeding going on, there is still interest from a European consortium interested in purchasing a stake in Full Tilt Poker and paying off the £250.000 unpaid license fee’s and the estimated funds owed to millions of players. I think the quicker they can resolve the issue with the license, the quicker you’ll see Full Tilt Poker make a move to settle a deal with this so called consortium and repay all the players funds that are owed and no doubt see Full Tilt Poker back in business in some capacity.



It’s not clear yet the full extent of today’s delay, but I’m sure more will become available in the next few days as reports filter out.




Good evening guys, In the last couple of days, Pokerstars has released a statement in light of the recent actions from AGCC upon FullTilt Poker. With the recent immediate suspension to FullTilt Poker a lot of players within Pokerstars were understandably anxious of any repercussions that could fall on Pokerstars, but thankfully Pokerstars have released a reassuring statement to it’s players. Please read below a copy of the statement.


In light of today’s news that Alderney Gambling Control Commission has suspended Full Tilt Poker’s license, PokerStars wishes to assure our customers that their funds are completely safe and that our operations are completely unaffected. The Isle of Man Gaming Commission today re-affirmed that PokerStars’ worldwide licensing is intact and that our operations are in full compliance with all of its requirements. PokerStars’ online operations continue as normal and all funds in players’ accounts are safe and available for withdrawal as usual with no delays.
PokerStars also remains in full compliance with our licenses in other jurisdictions where we are regulated, including France, Italy and Estonia.
As provided under our licensing, PokerStars has always maintained the integrity and security of our players’ funds, by keeping all such funds in segregated bank accounts, always available for immediate withdrawal.
Since the actions of US Department of Justice in April, we have returned more than $120 million to US players and continue to act upon requests as they are received. Players outside the US have not been affected and all cash-outs have been processed without delays. Further, PokerStars entered into an agreement with the Department of Justice which expressly confirmed the company’s ability to operate outside the US.
We will continue to operate as a responsible corporate citizen and are committed to serving the needs of our customers in complete compliance with our regulatory requirements.


That I’m sure you would agree is very reassuring to read. If i have anymore developments, I’ll update as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and good luck out there on the felt.





Well readers, i woke up this morning to some very promising reports regarding FullTilt Poker. As i posted yesterday Fulltilt had their license suspended by the Auderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) and it was also believed that within days FullTilt Poker were going to go bust due to losing their gambling license, financial problems and the inability to pay off approximately $150 million back to its customers which was rumored to be owed.


But in a massive change of events, it’s been revealed this morning that some European investors are willing to pay the outstanding balance to FullTilt’s  customers in return for a stake in FullTilt Poker’s parent company ‘Pocket Kings’. No information has been released yet publicly, due to the recent suspension and other conflicting interests. But it has also been mentioned that Phil Ivey is considering backing down on his lawsuit if this deal can be made, as the customers he was fighting for, will finally receive there money.


Phil Ivey’s attorney David Chesnoff said “Mr. Ivey intends to dismiss his lawsuit as he believes Full Tilt is taking steps to see that the players are paid,”


This is still very early days and due to the nature of the situation, both parties are looking to keep this underwraps as much as possible, which I’m guessing it will be like that until a deal is agreed. But I’m sure you would agree that this is promising and a massive turn of events in what has been a very bleak 24 hours prior to this morning. All we can do as players now, is just sit back and hope that this deal works out and we finally get our funds back. I think we deserve that. Even if this is sorted, i have a bad feeling that FullTilt’s name will have been tarnished through the unprofessional way it treated it’s players, i think it’s fair to say they have a lot of work to do, not only to secure this deal, but to also  earn the trust of it’s players again.


The second i hear  more information regarding this i will update you, but at this time, that is all. But cant stress enough how much of a turn around this is and how we the player have a glimmer of hope of seeing if not all, but a percentage of the money were owed!


Thanks for reading and good luck out there guys!




So it appears that the warning signs have come true as the Alderney Gaming Commission (AGCC) suspends Full Tilt’s gaming license. This is undoubtedly very serious and means that a lot of the players now Worldwide will not be seeing a cent of their funds. Sadly, i like many others within online poker saw the early signs that things were decreasing very rapidly for Full Tilt and I’m sure a lot of people will be interested to hear what happens next to the poker site that was regarded as the next big thing to Pokerstars.


Statement from the AGCC

“The decision to suspend these licenses follows a special investigation prompted by the indictments unsealed by US Attorney General’s Office in the Southern District of New York on 15th April 2011, during which grounds were found to indicate that these licensees and their business associates were operating contrary to Alderney legislation.”


I think it would have been very difficult for Full Tilt Poker to turn around all the problems since ‘Black Friday‘ but none more so then the problems with Phil Ivey when he issued a statement that he was intending to sue Full Tilt Poker. This is a player regarded around the World of poker a great player, who has been with Full Tilt Poker a hell of a long time and for their main man to publicly come out and do that, surely sent shockwaves to all that read it. That simple act from Ivey made it very easy to all, that things were simply falling apart.


As of yesterday, the poker site has been down and unable to log in. As for the Full Tilt Website there is a small note that says….”System update We apologise but the system is currently down. Please check back later”. See, they cant even be diplomatic and honest and inform there customers the real reason why they are not up and running.


It drives me mad when you see companies like this that can treat their customers this way and cheat them out of all their money. I think there should be more control from a regulated company that oversees operations not only to American sites, but to all Poker sites. For example, if we do not fulfill our loan payments, mortgage payments the courts dont say “oh well, he cant pay them, leave the guy alone!” No! we just get hassled threatened with court cases and possible Bankruptcy, but these sites can just screw the customers, leave and not be discredited individually thus leaving them to go to another site and start all over.


I sincerely hope that those reading this tonight, didn’t have a lot of cash on Full Tilt Poker, if you did, I’m sorry to hear of it. As i stated on another post the previous evening, I have lost all faith in depositing now and dont plan on doing so in the near future until there is a big shake up. I hope that this is shared by others that read this. I think we need to make a stand and hope the appropriate Governments can make a stand too and help us, not hinder us from playing a game we love!


Thanks for reading, and here’s to some better news on the horizon. Good luck!




Well good morning guys. This morning i was going through some videos on YouTube and came across this video called ‘Party at the DoJ’ which is very catchy track and gives a real incite to the whole situation throughout the ‘Black Friday’ saga.


Hope you enjoy it, all credit to MrSrslySirius.


Today MoneyBookers decided to remove it’s business from Full Tilt Poker. It’s not been made clear as to the reasons for their decision, but some are speculating it has a lot to do with the current problems with them unable to pay customers their funds etc. I’m sure more information about this will come to light in the near future, but at this time, that is all.


Please find below a copy of the Email MoneyBookers sent.


As a Moneybookers customer, you already know you are the most important part of our business. We always make sure you receive the safest service.

For this reason we have stopped accepting deposits made to Full Tilt Poker.

There are extraordinary circumstances behind this situation which are beyond our control. We will not comment on these, just take appropriate action that protects our customers.

We have requested that the Moneybookers logo be removed from Full Tilt Poker, but cannot do any more to make sure it is not displayed. Moneybookers is no longer available from Full Tilt Poker, and you will receive an error message if you attempt to use our service there.

We want you to continue to enjoy your gaming with Moneybookers, and recommend you have a look at our gaming promotion page.

As we have stated, this is an extraordinary situation, and we will try to have all connected issues resolved as soon as possible.

Should you have any questions, please contact our customer support.

Best wishes,

Your Moneybookers Team